A PhD Thesis on the population genomics of European beech

We are hiring a graduate student to work on the genetics of local adaptation in a keystone tree species.

European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) is a keystone tree species in European forests, making up 14-18% of total forest cover and with a range spanning from Greece to Sweden. Beech is the focus of multiple, long-lasting and intensive international research programs in ecology and population genetics. Despite this, little is known about the genetic bases of the adaptation of this species to environmental variation, no genomic reference is available and patterns of genomic diversity are virtually unexplored. Based on genome sequencing and re-sequencing data, obtained on natural populations and provenance tests throughout Europe, we propose to study patterns of adaptive diversity in coding and promoter regions, to: (a) determine patterns of genomic diversity determined by adaptive processes at multiple geographical scales, from stand to region to range; (b) estimate intensity of selection, through a combination of analytical and modelling approaches; (c) model and predict the ability of European beech to cope with climate change through adaptation.

For more information, please contact Ivan Scotti (ivan.scotti[at]inra.fr) and visit the BEECHGENOMES project post.



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